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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the questions you have for BeHome Nursing now by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions section.

The cost varies based on location and individual needs. For a clearer understanding, schedule a Care Consult with a Care Specialist. Insurance coverage depends on your plan; consult your insurance broker or benefit plan for details.

We adhere to local health authority guidelines for screening, testing, self-isolation procedures, and personal protective equipment requirements.

Our services extend to individuals in facilities such as hospitals, long-term care, assisted living facilities, and retirement communities.

No, while seniors form the majority of our clientele, we cater to all age groups, from newborns to seniors, and also provide support for individuals with developmental or medical challenges.

The expenses related to in-home care services can be comparable to or less than the costs associated with an assisted living facility. Opting for BeHome Nursing allows you to stay in your home, preserving your independence in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Following your Care Assessment, our Care Specialist will assess the type of care you require. Based on this evaluation, they will select a Caregiver who has the necessary skills and experience and is also a good match in terms of personality, interests, and needs.

At BeHome Nursing, we prioritize care consistency and assign Caregivers on a regular basis. If your primary Caregiver is unavailable, we will ensure a suitable replacement is arranged and notify you in advance.

We strive to accommodate such adjustments. However, cancellations outside our cancellation policy may incur service fees. Your Care Specialist will go over the details of your client services agreement during the Care Assessment.

Our Care Specialists are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Feel free to call anytime, and one of our Care Specialists will gladly assist you.

Ideally, you and/or your family will actively participate in planning your care. Information may also be obtained from your family physician, hospital staff, or other health professionals. The Care Specialist will create a Care Plan aligned with your specific goals. Regular visits by the Care Specialist addresses any evolving needs or adjustments.

Upon completion of your Care Assessment, our Care Specialist will recommend the type and frequency of services based on your needs. If you agree to the Care Plan, a client services agreement will be presented for your signature before services commence. The Care Specialist will thoroughly review the agreement with you and your family.

All BeHome Nursing Caregivers are insured.

Every BeHome Nursing location provides workers' compensation coverage for employees, registered with the Workers' Compensation Board/Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, safeguarding against financial hardships associated with work-related injuries and occupational diseases.

At BeHome Nursing, each Caregiver undergoes thorough screening, including criminal background checks, vulnerable sector checks, and reference verifications. Educational credentials are confirmed annually, and nurses are ensured to be registered and in good standing with their respective College of Nurses.

Every BeHome Nursing location ensures timely payment for Caregivers, with mandatory payroll deductions made in accordance with government regulations.

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