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Family-Managed Home Care

Explore our Family-Managed Home Care solutions - formerly known as the Self Directed Care Program.

Flexible Care Management: Gain complete control over care planning and provider selection for your loved one.

Specialized Support: Tailored care for complex needs, including children with medical complexities and adults with brain injuries.

Cultural and Linguistic Alignment: Choose caregivers who best match your family's cultural and linguistic needs.

Discover the difference with BeHome Nursing under the Family-Managed Home Care program. We guide and support you in choosing and managing professional, compassionate care for your loved ones, right at home. Contact us now for a free consultation and guidance with the Family-Managed Home Care program.

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Family managed home care

Empowering You with Family-Managed Home Care

Family-Managed Home Care

At BeHome Nursing, we are proud to support the Family-Managed Home Care Program, an initiative by the Province of Ontario that provides families with the flexibility and control to manage home care services for their loved ones.

Family-Managed Home Care

The Family-Managed Home Care program is designed for families who desire a more hands-on approach in the home care of their loved ones. Eligible patients or their substitute decision-makers receive funding to choose and manage their care providers, offering greater choice in how care is delivered and administered.

Family managed home care support

Navigating Family-Managed Home Care

A Guide to Empowering Your Home Care Decisions

Eligibility & Assessment

To participate in this program, an assessment by Home and Community Care Support Services (HCCSS) is necessary. This assessment determines the patient's needs and their eligibility for the program, including developing a personalized service plan.

Who Can Benefit?

The program caters to:

  • Children with complex medical needs.
  • Adults with acquired brain injuries.
  • Eligible homeschooled children.
  • Patients in extraordinary circumstances, as evaluated by HCCSS.

Extraordinary Circumstances

Patients may qualify if they:

  • Require intensive care.
  • Face unique scheduling issues.
  • Have language or communication barriers.
  • Need culturally specific care.
  • Are in areas lacking HCCSS contracted service providers or in remote locations.

Your Role in the Program

As a substitute decision-maker, you will be responsible for managing and coordinating your loved one's care, including employment of caregivers, and overseeing the financial aspects and reporting to HCCSS.

Our Commitment at BeHome Nursing

Our team of skilled caregivers works closely with families enrolled in the program and their primary care physicians. We ensure professional, compassionate, and empathetic care tailored to your family member's needs.

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Making the Right Choice: BeHome Nursing & Family-Managed Home Care

Bringing Professional Care Home

Explore the support and expertise BeHome Nursing offers through our Family-Managed Home Care services, where professional care meets the warmth of home.

Expert Caregivers: Our team consists of Registered Nurses, Practical Nurses, and Personal Support Workers, fully trained to provide compassionate in-home health care.

Consistency in Care: We prioritize building strong, trusted relationships with our clients, especially important for children with complex conditions and adults with brain injuries.

Ongoing Support: Our Care and Clinical Management Team perform regular supervisory visits to ensure safety, answer questions, and provide peace of mind.

Start Your Journey with Us

If you are considering the Family-Managed Home Care program for your loved one, contact BeHome Nursing for a comprehensive consultation. We're here to help guide you throughout the application process, and ensure your loved ones receive the professional home care they deserve, in the comfort of their home.